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If you are a solo traveller wanting to explore Africa in a detailed way, then Fania adventures recommends Solo travel adventure tours. It is a perfect way for anyone looking to relax and get away from it all.
Kenya is fun when explored. Locals are very friendly in Kenya, and are very interested to engage and talk with foreigners.
The thrill of solo travel is real, you get to explore Kenya and see the whole range of animals and birds. Talk to a Fania Adventures Expert about adding a beach holiday to your itinerary be it along the serene Kenyan coast or Zanzibar.
The annual wildebeest migration is a world famous natural phenomenon, people from all corners of world come here in June-October to witness this.
Benefits of solo travelling –

  • You lean to enjoy your company, having a connection with yourself is very necessary.
  • Solo travel makes you come out of your comfort zone.
  • Solo travel makes you self-reliant, relying on yourself in an unfamiliar place, gets you to become much more strong and confident.
  • Solo travel will make you appreciate nature in a better way.
  • While solo travelling, making friends is super easy.
  • While solo travel, you will learn to accept changes in life, and accept uncertainty.
  • Solo travelling is mindful, and mindfulness lets you discover hidden joys and pleasures of life.
  • Solo travelling adds much to the overall life experience, so Its definitely worth it.


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