"Violent criminals are more likely than nonviolent

“Every hiccup of experience has an effect, albeit usually a miniscule one, on that brain,” he writes. “Violent criminals are more likely than nonviolent ones to have witnessed violence as kids,” and “exposing children to a violent TV or film clip increases their odds of aggression soon after. Interestingly, the effect is stronger in girls.”.

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“I don’t know that I would have expected to start a game my rookie year and play an entire game,” Cousins said. “I probably wouldn’t have expected to play as well as we did in that game. But clearly it was a great rookie year when you talk about winning the division for the first time in many years, the season that Robert had, the chances that I had to play.

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High school coaches tend to exaggerate, so Brent Venables tempered his optimism as he traveled to the Kansas City suburbs. The Clemson Tigers had lost four members of their 2015 secondary, and as defensive coordinator it fell to him to help find their replacements. Old contacts had told Venables about a prospect in Olathe, Kan.

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