There was hoping, more hoping, then dashed hope when

Y columns and buttresses are hanging in mid air. The roof and temporary support columns meet and exceed seismic activity codes. The effect is magical, especially at night, as it appears the iconic roof designed for the primary building of the 1962 World’s Fair is now floating..

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Year since the 1930s, the El Presidente or La Presidenta of Fiesta chooses a grand marshal of El Desfile Historico Parade (the Historic Parade). Continuing the long standing tradition, El Presidente Erik Davis selected Fr. Larry.. Twenty years later, he remains unidentified and has presumably, gone to ground. Now grown up and a creative writing student, Eve writes an article about the murders which despite being incredibly exposing (“it felt like flinging myself off a cliff”) is cathartic. The piece goes viral, and she is encouraged by her tutor and a publisher to tell her story in a book that will be part memoir, part true crime investigation.

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