The Patriots converted a fourth and seven try from

“I think that’s up to each individual,” said the Philadelphia Eagles’ Malcolm Jenkins, one of the players who attended the meeting at the NFL’s offices. Jenkins added later: “Actually very little of the meeting was about the actual anthem. We were really more talking about solutions and how we get the results that we want to get.”.

He compared the referees to Foot Locker employees, who famously wear referees’ uniforms in store. “I grabbed the ball, 15, 20 yards down the field. Allegedly a whistle was blown clearly, I mean, a whistle was blown. Barkley had a successful season and was named the NFL’s offensive rookie of the year. But the Giants stumbled their way to a 5 11 record and finished last in the NFC East. They have retained Manning, who turned 38 in January.

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Decisions: The Redskins have to decide how many nose tackles they want to keep. Can they afford to keep three? They like Neild Coach Mike Shanahan referenced him several times late in the season when discussing key injured players and they gave Baker a one year tender for $1.32 million. Baker is more athletic than Neild and gets upfield quicker; Neild made plays with tenacity.

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