The Packers have not been to the Super Bowl since

The Packers defense had trouble the second half but was still able to step up in key moments with key interceptions to get the Green Bay Packers back into the Super Bowl. The Packers have not been to the Super Bowl since January 25, 1998 and have not won since January 26, 1997 when they beat the New England Patriots 35 21. The Packers will have the chance to bring home a fourth Super Bowl title when they go to Dallas to face the Pittsburgh Steelers in Super Bowl XLV..

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Climbing the charts: Emmitt Smith needs just 65 yards to become the fourth leading rusher in NFL history. When he gets it, he will pass ex Cowboy Tony Dorsett as the franchise’s all time leading rusher. The Falcons defense is stingy, however, having allowed just two players to reach 100 yard rushing games in their last 28 games.

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