The notion is not mine alone

The tax breaks have also rewarded some companies for mistakes they made long before the novel coronavirus emerged. They have helped other companies send more money to their investors through richer dividends and faster stock buybacks. And in at least one case, the tax savings are passing from a smaller business to a bigger one: The struggling women’s clothing retailer Francesca’s Holdings Corp.

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And there’s a bit of voyeurism to it. I would say I’m trying to invoke or capture a timeless, visceral experience or energy, sort of time warping between the Great Depression, a horror film, and a fashion shoot. Reality is so surreal that capturing it right now feels like a fantasy.

The rookie’s package of size and straight line speed is rare at his position, but the pre draft concerns stemmed from poor agility testing and the idea that he was too stiff to be an NFL receiver. Through two weeks, Metcalf is laying those concerns to rest as a trusted target for Russell Wilson. That relationship could yield big results again with a home matchup against a Saints team that has been surprisingly generous to opposing wideouts..

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