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To understand better how the brain can receive and send thoughts you have to remember first what we are made of. Everything that you see, trees, houses, a piece of furniture, an animal or us, humans are all made of energy. Energy is behind everything that exists that you can see and hear, and things that exist that you cannot see or hear.

“That first season [with Hurley], oh, my God,” Vital said. “Coach Hurley, he’s a challenging coach, the staff, they challenged the hell out of me. Without Dan Hurley, I don’t know if another coach could have done that. She demanded I list my mother (who my GF has called ‘the enemy’) and have my mother dole out the money, nevermind the tax consequences. I’m not giving my mother that job, and it runs the risk of MY insurance money going to my mother’s beneficiaries (my siblings) if she dies before disposing of my insurance proceeds. It boiled down to her absolutely demanding my ex wife come off the insurance, fine, but I’m not going to put my sons through probate court any advantage my daughters.

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