The Miami Marlins saw 18 players and two coaches

Baseball has seen two major outbreaks so far, both of which had people inside and outside the game questioning the season’s viability. The Miami Marlins saw 18 players and two coaches test positive over the course of a week; they were scheduled to resume their season following a week long shutdown Tuesday in Baltimore. And the Cardinals, with a total of 13 positives, were hoping to be cleared to play at home Friday against the Chicago Cubs..

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Kaepernick, who has moved to New York since leaving the San Francisco 49ers in March, has spent his time fulfilling a pledge to donate $1 million to organizations that fight oppression. On Thursday, he announced to 1.23 million followers on Twitter that he has given away $900,000. Just don’t expect him to be more visible.

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“I want to be here,” Holmes told AAP during last month wide ranging interview. With the inconsistent Jets next to no chance of making the playoffs their likely season finale will be December 29 against Buffalo Bills. Holmes didn stick to his deadline and pulled the pin early.

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