The first virus might do damage to make people

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canada goose factory sale And if I were to make a bioweapon, I would think about long term impact.(1) Millions disabled is far worse than millions dead.(2) Attacks can come in multiple pieces. The first virus might do damage to make people especially vulnerable to the second virus. If not before COVID19, then now. canada goose factory sale

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canada goose coats “Hopefully in the next few weeks things will calm down and we won see the level of cancellations that we have had in the coming weeks,” she said. Canberra was “ready and waiting” with a more positive outlook and milder weather forecast, she said. READ MORE: Mr Marshall said the lesson from disasters in Queensland and elsewhere was that as soon as the bushfire crisis was over, government should spend big on promotion, not only for Canberra but also for the Snowy Mountains, the South Coast and other impacted areas canada goose coats.