The early disappearance from the Google Store

YouTube has announced in a blog post that Google Play Music service will be replaced by YouTube Music. It has offered a timeframe till December 2020 during which the subscribers of the Google Play Music can transfer their content like playlists, music libraries and personal taste preferences to YouTube Music. It must be noted that the Google Play Music users’ libraries will not be available after December 2020.

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As per ICRA estimates, with steady housing credit growth of 16 percent in FY2018,the mortgage penetration (housing credit as a percentage of GDP) touched the double digit mark of 10 percent as on March 31, 2018 (9.5 percent as on March 31, 2017).ICRA expects mortgage penetration levels to go up by another 300 500 bpsover the next five years. Going forward, incremental funding from banks especially PSBs will be lower owing to their capital constraints. Though RBI has relaxed the norms for ECBs which will enable HFCs to diversify their funding mix and expand the investor base,the proportion of funds raised through ECB route will be dependent on competitiveness of overall landed cost of these ECBs as compared with the domestic borrowing rates”,says Supreeta Nijjar, Vice President and Sector Head, Financial Sector Ratings, ICRA.Newer HFCs in affordable housing segment continued to grow at higher than the overall industry growth rate of 39 percent.

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