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“I’m not someone who goes off of rhetoric. I’m a former consultant; I know how BS can be spun and make people say something is going to happen that’s not,” Wright said. “What I saw from them in the hiring of Coach Rivera and in bringing in [attorney Beth Wilkinson to investigate the franchise’s culture] and some of the other decisions that may or may not be public are a real commitment to taking things in a different direction.”.

The Lions clinch a playoff spot if they win Monday night at Dallas. They and the Packers will play Sunday night in Detroit for the NFC North title. The Packers, for now, hold the second wild card spot. Marquise Goodwin, WR, 49ers: Consider all the factors when San Francisco and Washington meet this weekend. The Redskins will be without cornerback Josh Norman. Former Redskins offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan now is coaching the 49ers, and if you don’t think he’d like to stick it to Daniel Snyder, Bruce Allen and the Redskins, you’re kidding yourself.

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His weight is close to the usual for an NFL wide receiver, but about 7kg below the reported average running back size in 2016. Another option could be for him to be used mainly in special teams as a punt returner. “He have to put on 5 to 10kg and increase speed,” Scotts, who was the first Australian to be drafted into the NFL, told Triple M Rush Hour.

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COVID 19 county map (09/03/2020)The state saw a huge jump in cases, adding 1,160 to its total, which is now at 136,711. 20 more deaths were also reported bringing the wholesale nfl jerseys death toll to 7,732. Philadelphia, Allegheny and York Counties all saw significant spikes in cases..

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