The aftershocks of the shooting were still being

He’s trying to make a tackle. If Baker doesn’t block him and Breeland gets up and runs and gets pushed out of bounds by Foles, then we’re probably going to be all over Baker for not blocking the quarterback. So, I don’t know what to tell him. The aftershocks of the shooting were still being felt Wednesday. Iris C. Ruiz, the mother of Pleasantville player Jesus Ruiz, was sitting in the stands near the scene Friday night.

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“The state of Louisiana is outraged because of what happened in the Superdome last Sunday. Televisions were broken. Fans filed lawsuits,” Cassidy said, prefacing his remarks with a promise to introduce bills next week to help unpaid federal workers and find a way to fund Trump’s proposed wall. Had pass interference or a helmet to helmet hit been called, the Saints would have been set up nicely to drain the clock before kicking a potentially game winning field goal. Instead, New Orleans kicked a field goal with 1 minute 41 seconds left to take a 23 20 lead, leaving the Rams plenty of time to tie the score with 15 seconds left and force overtime, where they would win the game..

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