Strangely enough, French coffee is infamous for

That isn how bidets work. I happened to get a bidet in early January, before the wave. One of the first things I learned was to let it run for awhile, maybe 20 30 seconds, and shifting around if it seems necessary. I have waited for his openings in Calgary and Toronto and watched his work get gobbled up by avid collectors. And, as a novice art collector myself, he has always indulged my dumb questions about art. “Where do you get your ideas from?” “What is that one with the wiggly lines about? Are you one of the wiggles?” Once I even asked him, in all seriousness, how long it takes for paint to dry.Article content continuedLarge Orange Laughing Woman, 1991 Oil and acrylic on canvas Image courtesy TrpanierBaer/SwerveHe answers all these questions with Beat Buddha kindness.

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