Some fans may feel that to support the players is

Nowhere does this strange football dreamworld burst more vividly than after midnight at Prime 47. Jerry Jones announces his presence inside the swank steakhouse and bar with the monument to tackiness parked outside: his full size bus, painted white with the Dallas Cowboys star splashed all over, flashers on, ESPN on two flat screens inside, visible from the sidewalk. The JerryMobile will sometimes crawl a few blocks, park outside another establishment and declare the latest spot to party.

My job will be to help foster working, coaching and research relationships with members of the Department of Education’s Coaching Education Programme, and with staff in Sports Development. Because the Department of Sports Development is interested in quality coaching, and those in the Education Department are interested in researching and applying these same interests, I would imagine all kinds of collaborative ventures will emerge amongst us. We have already begun a collaborative book on coaching, and I should imagine this to be just the beginning..

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