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Guys stepped up and played their tails off. There’s still a lot to play for. We’re playing a division rival on the road. Stallworth and Henderson could help in a pinch outside. Briscoe has the size to be intriguing, but also has inconsistent hands. The Redskins need someone not named Garcon to become more of a threat.

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During a media teleconference this week, a Green Bay reported asked Manning to evaluate himself. Manning replied that he had been reading a devotional about talking about others and not yourself. “I’m abiding by that devotional today,” Manning said.

“The contract has been signed and executed,” said Joe Lockhart, the NFL’s executive vice president of communications and public affairs. “As early as right after Thanksgiving, we sent notice around to all the owners and said there would be time during this meeting to hear from the compensation committee, to answer any questions about the contract and the process. As I think we’ve mentioned, the compensation committee has reported to the ownership, I think, at every meeting over the last year and a half, I think.

What Guice really wants is to be back on the field and producing. His combination of power, speed and elusiveness was evident during summer workouts and training camp after he was drafted, and the Redskins were prepared to make him their No. 1 back before a torn ACL suffered in the first preseason game stopped him in his tracks..

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Trainer Bubba Tyer noted those injuries might have been prevented had the players worn thigh guards, which are standard. Both are expected to play against Carolina. Special correspondent Josh Barr contributed to this report. 2. Fournette vs. McCaffrey The Panthers have an interesting choice to make if they stay put at No.

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