Parmi les autres partenaires stratgiques de ce projet

Ramsey felt “disrespected” in the meeting, he said later, and when he walked out, he came to a realization. He called his agent. “It’s time,” Ramsey told him, he later recounted on the “17 Weeks” podcast. So now Williams has ended his holdout, but only for business purposes. He needed to report to avoid losing a year toward his free agency. Williams has one season left on his contract unless the Redskins fight him over the half year he has missed.

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The Patriots, with Brady, could be next to unstoppable on offense if the offensive line holds up better than it did last season. They can run the ball with LeGarrette Blount. They can create major matchup problems for opposing defenses with their two excellent tight ends, Gronkowski and Martellus Bennett.

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DeSean Jackson beats Redskins deep again: After a slow start, the Eagles’ offense is rolling. Of course, it helps when Carson Wentz can just chuck the ball deep down field and have DeSean Jackson run under it, as the speedy wide receiver has done twice already. Jackson’s 53 yard touchdown catch gave him six catches for 126 yards in the game.