Panthers quarterback Cam Newton led his team back

They lost at home Sunday to the Carolina Panthers, 21 17, after leading 17 0 in the fourth quarter. Panthers quarterback Cam Newton led his team back, finally putting them ahead with a one yard touchdown pass to tight end Greg Olsen with a little more than a minute remaining. The Eagles drove to the Carolina 14 yard line but quarterback Carson Wentz lost a fumble while being sacked on a fourth and two play to seal the outcome..

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Maybe it’s his protection of accused or convicted war criminals from military justice. Troops?), Kim Jong Un or Mohammed bin Salman. Maybe it’s his disparagement of John McCain and Gold Star families. Jorge R. Barrio, a professor of molecular and medical pharmacology at the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA.Each of the research volunteers also received a standard clinical assessment to gauge their degree of depression (Hamilton Rating Scale for Depression, or HAM D) and cognitive ability (Mini Mental State Examination, or MMSE). The players had more depressive symptoms than the healthy men and generally scored lower on the MMSE test, demonstrating evidence of cognitive loss.

Quarterback Matt Ryan averaged 10.4 net yards per pass on first downs last season but is producing just 7.7 net passing yards on first down in 2017. Atlanta’s offensive line is allowing slightly more pressures this season (26 percent of passing plays in 2017, 24 percent in 2016) but not enough to justify such a big drop. Instead, point the finger at Ryan for the Falcons scoring almost five fewer points per game on first downs this season.