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butterfly influx a welcome treat in hard times

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canada goose All 2648 of them.8. Hesitate to take that third punnet of tomato seedlings (that you will keep protected till the soil is warm enough to sit on comfortably). You can never have too many home grown tomatoes. Library staff, wittily, gave him his wholly appropriate name.He has not been seen for more than three weeks and everyone at the library who loved him and who felt a glimpse of him enriched the working day, is worried.Andrew Peacock the NLA peacock is worryingly missing.Everyone is hoping he is alive and well and has perhaps, in search of love and companionship, gone to join a small colony of peafowl at large in Narrabundah.The love interest theory is supported by the fact that in the days before his disappearance he was seen offering his spectacular courtship display, meant of course for peahens, to unappreciative pigeons.”Andrew turned up at the National Library about three years ago,” the spokswoman said, with a short history of Andrew and the Library related in an ominous past tense.”He moved in on the contractors who were working on the podium. Or more particularly, he moved in on their lunchboxes. He stayed there as long as the lunchboxes did, and when they moved on, so did he to the greenery outside Oral History and Folklore.”But it was down at the Loading Dock/Staff Entrance where he was to eventually settle,” she said. canada goose

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