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But the talent is there, and that’s evident to the entire franchise. The second quarter of the season will give a better idea if Washington’s identity is sustainable, starting in Week 6 when it hosts the San Francisco 49ers. Washington will then travel to Philadelphia to play another Monday nightgame against the Eagles, host the Dallas Cowboys the following week, and then play at the Seattle Seahawks in Week 9..

In the political hothouse that is Washington, mayors come and mayors go, along with senators, House members and presidents. But Norton, in her 11th term in Congress and seeking another on Nov. 6, is a fixture, her exalted stature infused by her years as a feminist, academic, constitutional lawyer and civil rights activist..

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In that sense, switching to the weak side could be a beneficial move for Donald. By switching him to the weak side, Phillips can make the most of Donald’s first step quickness. Against zone teams, he’ll be too quick for backside blockers to reach and cut him off, as seen against the Panthers here..

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