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It has been an NFL season overflowing with officiating mistakes. Those blunders have been particularly commonplace during Monday night games. There was a missed penalty for illegally batting the football in the end zone by the Seahawks that cost the Detroit Lions a final chance to win a Monday night game at Seattle in October.

In Joe Mixon’s absence, the Bengals’ Giovani Bernard is getting major playing time and should post his second straight top 10 outing. The Falcons’ Tevin Coleman has been a bit of a disappointment in Devonta Freeman’s absence, especially in the passing game, but assuming Freeman is out again, he remains a top 12 option. Mayfield should help keep defenses from swarming the Browns’ Carlos Hyde, not to mention improve his scoring chances.

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Like Hurricane Harvey, which stalled over Texas in 2017, Florence could linger over the Southeast for several days after landfall. Forecast models suggest that more than two feet of rain could fall over the higher elevations of the Carolinas and Virginia, which would generate dangerous flooding downstream. The flooding might be similar to what the Carolinas experienced during Hurricane Matthew in 2016.

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The America’s team label goes back to the team’s highlight film of the 1978 season when the narrator declared the Cowboys America’s team. This was during the time of a terrific run when Dallas made the playoffs 18 times during an 20 year span, 1966 85, at a era when fewer teams went to the postseason than do today. The team’s original coach, Tom Landry, was with them during their first 29 seasons and was dismissed by Jerry Jones when he bought the team in 1989.

cheap nfl jerseys The NFL Physicians Society has informed the league and the NFL Players Association that its members no longer would conduct physicals, with the novel coronavirus pandemic stretching medical resources. But teams still are permitted by the league to arrange for a free agent or traded player to undergo a physical by a third party doctor in the player’s hometown or nearby. According to a person familiar with the situation, most of those third party doctors conducting such physicals are orthopedists who don’t have offices in hospitals affected by the coronavirus outbreak cheap nfl jerseys.