More than anything, you want them to spend time on

Ezekiel Elliott outshines Adrian Peterson: Dallas got the better of Washington on the ground, too. After being limited to 33 yards rushing in the teams’ first meeting, Ezekiel Elliott opened the scoring with a 16 yard touchdown run and finished with 121 yards on 26 carries. The Redskins did a solid job of pressuring Prescott in the first half, when they registered all four of their sacks, but the defensive line seemed to wear down after halftime and Washington’s issues defending the run over the last month continued.

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ThinkAgile HX Intel platform can have a maximum of 56C in a 2S platform vs. 128C in ThinkAgile HX AMD based platform. Higher VDI density claim is based on extrapolation of performance results for virtual desktops on ThinkAgile HX and ThinkSystem with Citrix.

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