It's about teams that sneeringly auction off

Houston, at Washington) and Dallas loses its final two games. Both the New York Times and FiveThirtyEight give the Eagles a 5 percent chance of repeating as division champs. The Cowboys can clinch the division and the No. I love driving. I love this feeling of speed and control that driving my car gives me. I love the feeling of my car as an extension of myself.

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Players have been locked out since March 12, and free agent signings and trades of players have been on hold during the sport’s shutdown. But the league and players had agreed to the major terms of a new labor deal more than a week ago. The agreement is to give the players just less than half the sport’s burgeoning revenues under a salary cap system..

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The social media mob outrage at the Cleveland Browns for signing Hunt to a one year contract is understandable, but that outrage is less about Hunt as a known individual than about the league’s creepy double standard when it comes to offenses against women. It’s about teams that sneeringly auction off cheerleaders, and sign women beaters and gropers, wholesale jerseys from china while they shun social activist Colin Kaepernick for life. Yes, that’s infuriating.

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22, 2016, the two teams combined for 1,708 yards, which broke the previous record by more than 60 yards. Mahomes threw the ball 88 times for 734 yards and five scores while also rushing for 85 yards and two touchdowns. Mayfield, who started his college career at Texas Tech before transferring to Oklahoma, had 545 passing yards and seven touchdown passes.