It can hold up to 200 balls (purchased separately)

During quarantine, the Washington Football Team’s players have found themselves, like most other people, with more free time than usual. The disruption of everyday life and the general confinement to home have forced them to find distractions. They’re just like the more than 250 people who told The Washington Post in April they were learning musical instruments, culinary techniques or other creative avocations..

A coach (like a general) can decide to take risks both strategical (play calling) or tactical (personnel). Each play is a battle where real estate is won or lost. In football, when you advance the ball down the field, you are actually gaining territory on your opponent (driving them back) until you score.

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“I think the difference is Colt McCoy will take those chances,” Hall said. “You saw at Dallas him take those chances. It didn’t quite work out, so you would hope that these 10 days of preparation that he would be able to be on the same page as those receivers.

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Dre’s move toward live instrumentation. Madlib creating an underground world of his own. Focusing on the work of these four figures, Patrin (a former City Pages staffer and contributor who’s also written regularly for Pitchfork and Stereogum) synthesizes an incredible amount of information as he uncovers nuances in a story you might think you already know by heart.

The setup is relatively easy: Just pop the tent open and fold it up when not in use. It can hold up cheap nfl jerseys to 200 balls (purchased separately). It’s great for parties or playdates. “I’m good to go, I’m 100 [percent]. He first settled in at The Post in 1995 and has proved difficult to dislodge. Follow.

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