I explained in personal detail the demise I was

“The first couple games we had a rotation going to get [Payne’s and Allen’s] feet wet, especially Daron,” Gruden said. “But I think he showed that he can handle the reps, and we want to get him out there. We didn’t draft him in the first round to sit by me.

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“I only have one more shot at this,” Doc says to himself, quietly, after breaking from the huddle and leading his team into the school. And as they limp toward the locker room, a countdown clock on the wall ticks toward their first game against Bethesda Chevy Chase: 23 days, 56 minutes, 16 seconds.. 15..

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Nothing against the guy, we knew we were renting him, but would have been nice if he had said he was hurt towards the end of 2008. I was at the Seattle game, where he played so badly. He ruined a beautiful career by refusing to admit he is getting OLD!! It’s over, Brett.

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