He eventually won a Nobel prize for his work

For the uninitiated, Google adds proprietary features and services on top of Android and licenses it to device makers. These companies can make changes to Android, provided they don run afoul of the rules Google puts in place to prevent the worst excesses and abuses. Google creates new versions of Android every year and issues security patches monthly.

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“When I came out, it would have been a bigger deal but now, with younger girls or anyone, they are coming out a lot more. Times are changing, with social media and everything. Katie and Ruesha got a good response, and I just don think it a shock any more really.

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Think the Irene Ockenden Alvar Tract will be something that many people will treasure and admire. Hazel Wheeler is with Wildlife Preservation Canada, a national organization that intervenes on behalf of species at risk. She is a biologist working at the Napanee Plain Alvar Nature Reserve on habitat restoration and with a shrike captive breeding program, where shrikes are bred in captivity and released into the wild.

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