Having bought the club from Ellis Short

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Cheap Jerseys china You can unsubscribe at any time.Thank you for subscribingWe have more newslettersShow meSee ourprivacy noticeCharlie Methven feels that Sunderland I Die is a dramatised, but fair portrayal of his and Stewart Donald first 12 months in charge of Sunderland AFC.Having bought the club from Ellis Short, series two of the popular Netflix documentary series followed the pair first year in charge of the club as they, in Methven own words, tried to turn the fortunes of what was close to becoming the first big English club to properly go bust.And while the six episode series only shows the cheap nfl jerseys best bits of thousands of hours of footage and boring meetings, Methven felt it was a fair portrayal of an all consuming 12 months at the Wearside club behind the scenes.He said: “I think it’s a fair reflection of those 12 months. Being a TV series, it obviously dramatises things slightly.”They took thousands and thousands of hours of footage, much of which would have been less interesting than watching paint dry. They then pluck out the moments in those 12 months that make for good TV.”I think they’ve done that, and overall, whilst it is a very dramatised version of what happened, it’s a fair reflection of what happened, and also of Stewart and me also.”What you see is what you get with us. Cheap Jerseys china

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