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Earlier Wednesday, a law enforcement official told the Associated Press he sent the video to an NFL executive in early April. The AP reported the official played a 12 second voicemail from April 9 from an NFL office number in which a female voice confirmed the arrival of the video, expressed thanks and said, “You’re right. It’s terrible.”.

What followed was a 14,481 mile journey along the Pan American Highway with twists and turns that Harrison never could’ve anticipated: dog attacks in South America, a life threatening heart attack in Nevada and a bear attack in Alaska. He passed through 14 countries and used crutches for added support over the last 2,000 miles, pushing through physical pain and emotional turmoil. He hadn’t known this at the outset, but it would turn into a journey of self discovery, too..

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You’d quickly get adapted,” he said. “I’m not making any predictions by any means, but it’s an adjustment that may not be as hard as most think, just because this is the only place that I’ve known. A lot of people come through here, too, but I just haven’t left.”.

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The Steelers have eased the second year pro into the lineup with a cautious approach as he replaces Ben Roethlisberger, who’s sidelined after season ending elbow surgery. They stuck mostly to a short passing game that yielded a second quarter touchdown throw to tailback James Conner. But Rudolph also unleashed a down the field throw with a 43 yard touchdown to a wide open Diontae Johnson in the third quarter..

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