Mount Kenya Escapade


Mount Kenya is the tallest mountain in Kenya with height of 5199 meters, and second tallest in Africa. The mountain is known for its unique plants and vegetation. Although less climbed than Mount Kilimanjaro, people prefer this mountain for its abundant wildlife and mountain lakes.
The view of volcano peaks, lakes and valley makes it trekking on this mountain a very good African experience.
Kenyan people have deep cultural value for Mount Kenya. Local people used to use the mountain peak as meeting place, and even considered it as throne of gods. This mountain gave Kenya its name, so it holds special significance for the Kenyan people.
Best time to trek Mount Kenya is from January to March and June to October. Rainy season here is April, May and November.
To be able to climb Mount Kenya, you need to be ultra-fit. You need a lot of strength and stamina to climb up the hill. Previous experience of hiking in hilly place is a must.
At about 3000 meter height, temperature is between 10-20 degrees. At the top, temperature range from -15 to 8 degrees. Days here are sunny, clouds and precipitation come after the evening. So it’s recommended to start climbing since the early morning.
Snowfall is witnessed from October to December and June to October. So the remaining months are best suited for dry seasons.

Things required for an Escapade tour of Mount Kenya –
You will need proper clothing for a daring tour of the mountain. You must carry moisture wicking and non-cotton cloths. Thick jackets are also needed, gloves and hat for high altitudes. You might also witness rain and snow, so waterproof jackets and gaiters can also be useful to keep rain and snow at bay. Bringing ropes, helmets also help. Proper health and good stamina is required to climb to the peak.
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