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We can only predict what will happen based on the assumptions, but what future holds is yet to be seen. One thing is sure, though, virtual is becoming new default dimension for plenty of people. Maybe 2016 will not be drastically different from 2015, but it will bring something new.

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Jim is survived by his wife, Nancy, his children: Jamie Bullock; Jill (David) Master; and Janel (Michael) Newell, all of Minneapolis. His stepchildren: Steve (Jane) Kreider of Kalamazoo, Michigan; Jamie (David) Johnson of Iron Mountain, Michigan, and Dr. Dan Kreider of Iron Mountain.

If you want to stop procrastinating, improve your motivation and achieve the success you want in life, then one of the key factors is to stop thinking about what you would like to do, or the changes your would like to make and start doing. Saying ‘if only’ doesn’t cut it and it’s a feeble excuse. Although you can get help to stop procrastinating at the end of the day it requires making a commitment to make some changes and giving yourself a kick start..

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