Cotton sheets in the Summer and flannel in the

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And what of me? When Daddy died on Halloween morning 2005, two months after Hurricane Katrina, he left me a strange inheritance: I’m incapable of going to a sporting event without noticing who leaves their hat on during the anthem and who doesn’t cover their heart. I still get anxious every time I see someone hold the American flag too low, even though I now know that, unlike what my father always said, you don’t have to burn the flag if it touches the ground. These things still mean something to me, but mostly because they meant everything to him..

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Sometimes we get so used to each other that we fail to be considerate of each other. In those cases, you will be frustrated if your spouse seems to be so kind and considerate of those outside the family, but he or she does not show the same consideration to you. What about you, though, have you lost that thoughtfulness for members of your own family especially your spouse?.

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