Coaches can challenge interference

The committee’s decision, communicated to teams in a memo distributed Thursday by the NFL’s football operations department, leaves the rule essentially as it was when it was approved by owners in March in Phoenix at the annual league meeting. Coaches can challenge interference, either called or not called by the officials on the field, in the first 28 minutes of each half. The replay official in the booth decides in the final two minutes of each half whether to initiate an instant replay review of an interference call or non call..

“One of the things I told our players today is I had a player in Carolina who made a tremendous impact on me, and that’s Eric Reid,” Rivera said. “And the biggest thing that happened there was I listened more so than I did anything else, and the thing I’m learning now is just to listen to the guys. Listen to their feelings.

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Don want to play seven, eight games in the spring, then come back with 12 more in the fall, he said. Too much for kids to deal with, just from a safety perspective. Martin and Moccia would like to schedule three to four spring games against a combination of FBS and FCS opponents.

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“With the firepower they have on offense, it has always come down to understanding who is where. Whether [Mohamed] Sanu is lining up at quarterback or where Julio Jones is, things like that,” Eagles Coach Doug Pederson told reporters on Wednesday. “We know Matt Ryan is a great quarterback and can really pick a defense apart if you let him.”.

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