By no means is it like cutthroat

Football players are told from their first practices as children about the necessity of sacrifice. Nobody is above the team. That’s part of the pact. “We think that’s very important,” he continued. ” I think we’ve gotten it to a different level this year in a positive way. Once the game starts you have to go out and play and adjust.

I think it’s the greatest sports franchise in the world because of that,” he said Tuesday. “The onething that unifies that city that is so diverse, with so many different political views the one thing that brings everybody together is the Redskins.”Maybe if they again start winning 11 games a year, and sprinkle in the occasional playoff run. Maybe then.

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Pandemonium for six minutes. Edwards was the only player or coach flagged. He was called for unnecessary roughness, but he should have been tossed from the game for physically contacting an official.”. By no means is it like cutthroat. But we’re competitive with each other. We’re just trying to do our best every day.”.

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