Brees, now with the New Orleans Saints, acknowledged

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It’s not clear what the competition committee will propose to the owners in March about replay and officiating. It’s possible that the committee will not recommend major changes. But this is not only about what the committee proposes or recommends. Gruden, according to Kaufman, would prefer the NFL if hewere tocoach again. And it’s not much of a secret that he and Sean McDonough don’t have the same chemistry in the booth that Gruden had with Mike Tirico. Gruden also happens to live in the Tampa area and, according to Kaufman, he has high regard forJameis Winston.

There have been a number of foreign born NFL players, many of them well known and successful place kickers. The most successful has to be Morton Andersen, born in Copenhagen, Denmark. The all time leading scorer in NFL history and the all time leading scorer for two teams he played for (Saints, Falcons), Andersen became the NFL all time leading scorer on December 16, 2006 when he passed South African born Gary Anderson (Steelers, Vikings, Titans).

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Harris (D Calif.) as his running mate on Aug. 11. Here’s what you need to know about Harris. “Just trying to get the swelling down, trying to get him comfortable to run without any pain or anything that he feels like that’s holding him back,” Gase said. “He might come in one day and feel a lot better than he did the day before. We’ve just got to keep trying to find a way to make him progress and feel better.”.

The New York Jets are down to No. 3 quarterback Luke Falk with Darnold and Trevor Siemian sidelined. There are quarterback issues all around the league. “To me, this group that [Washington] has been with for the past three or four years, he wants them to go out there and ball out,” said Matthew Haynie, a senior safety. “But there’s things that we are going to have to do…

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