Australian Associated PressHayne's high profile Los

cheap jerseys nba “The plaintiff consented to all sexual interaction and was not injured at all, she had a cordial conversation with defendant friend the morning after the alleged incident and left defendant apartment of her own volition, and did not report, show or claim any injuries to anyone after the alleged incident.” Hayne alleges the woman injuries were “proximately caused by independent, subsequent events”. His lawyers end their court filing by calling for the lawsuit to be dismissed with prejudice and Hayne “recover his costs and attorneys fees”. Australian Associated PressHayne’s high profile Los Angeles lawyers, Mark Baute and Bryan Roth, rebutted in a new court filing every allegation the woman, whose identity is protected, claimed in her lawsuit filed in the Superior Court in Santa Clara in December.”Defendant denies generally and specifically each and every allegation,” Hayne’s lawyers wrote.Santa Clara prosecutors, after an investigation, decided in 2016 not to pursue a criminal case against Hayne, who returned to Australia and the NRL that year and will play for Parramatta this season.The woman alleged she could not remember much about the night but woke up the next morning naked and in a pool of blood in a bed in Hayne’s apartment.Hayne’s lawyers allege in their nine page court filing the woman “consented to all actions that took place, including all actions she now claims were non consensual”.They also allege she suffered “no economic loss or emotional stress damages”, Hayne was not aware she “objected to any of the acts alleged against him” and any injuries or damages were caused by other persons, entities or forces which Hayne exerted no control over or had no responsibility for.”The plaintiff followed defendant out of a bar on the night of the alleged incident, ordered an Uber using the defendant’s phone to take them both to where the defendant was staying, and willingly engaged in sexual interaction that did not include sexual intercourse,” Hayne’s lawyers wrote.”The plaintiff consented to all sexual interaction and was not injured at all, she had a cordial conversation with defendant’s friend the morning after the alleged incident and left defendant’s apartment of her own volition, and did not report, show or claim any injuries to anyone after the alleged incident.”.

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