'And Naifeh had harsh words, too, for the News

Perhaps more significantly, they can see a post Trump GOP coming into view. If, as now seems likely, the Donald is dumped in November, there will be a power struggle between his autocratic admirers and those mainstream Republicans who believe in free trade, low spending and limited government. But if traditional conservatives miss this chance, they won get another..

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cheap jerseys nba They work by heating water to the perfect temperature, then forcing it at high pressure through a coffee capsule or pod. But professional machines are expensive and it takes great skill to use one properly. They’re also a pain to clean. She ought to at least know I’m in Nashville and try to find me there instead of calling me where I’m not going to be and then saying that I ‘couldn’t be reached.’And Naifeh had harsh words, too, for the News Sentinel’s Tom Humphrey, a manstay also of the Scripps Howard News Service and a frequent contributor to Tennessee Politics. The Speaker acknowledged that Humphrey was a seasoned, respected reporter but complained of the way he had been approached, as Naifeh chracterized it, in the middle of his supervision of the budget work groups Wednesday.”Now, Humphrey usually does okay by me, ” Naifeh said, “but I don’t know what the hell he thought he was doing tracking me down when I was on my way to the men’s room. He knows how consuming those budget sessions are, and how heavy we get into it, and how important that work we’re doing is, and I told him I didn’t have time to talk about anything else just then, and I was just taking enough time off to go to the men’s room, that I would talk to him later, and then he says that I ‘declined’ to answer him.”Following that up with what may have been a grin or may have been a glower, or may have been a combination of both, Naifeh added, “He’ll get his payback.”. cheap jerseys nba

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