About us

Fania adventures Tours is an adventure holidays, wildlife and Safari company operating in Kenya. We take pride in providing you the best African adventure experience at best prices.

We provide range of custom made adventure tours in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda.

Starting from coastal beach tours to relax you with the sea vibes, we have wildlife tours to allow you explore the African wildlife, Family adventure tours where you can enjoy wildlife with your family. For the Newly wed couples, we have custom made Honeymoon tour packages where you can have an intimate Africa experience with your partner.  For the solo trip lovers, we do provide solo packages for exploring Africa.

Our Expert guides will help you explore each and every detail of your wildlife tour.

With our adventure tours, you need not to worry for accommodation as we will provide custom African style accommodation to help you enjoy each bit of your African experience.

Contact us today to start planning your Wildlife experience/ Adventure holidays tour based on your comfort and budget. Call us today!

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