6 points per drive (22nd) and being forced to go

And once or twice, with his head turned, he spits farther away between two officers, seemingly to avoid hitting them.Prude’s death has since drawn protests and police have faced criticism after details of the interaction were released earlier this week. Rochester Mayor Lovely Warren ordered the immediate suspension of seven police officers involved and rebuked Police Chief La’Ron Singletary for his handling of the case, including a failure to inform her of the full details of the March incident until early August.More on Daniel Prude: A Black man pinned to the ground by NY police died two months before George FloydAccording to The New York Times, spit hoods have been involved in a number of deaths in police custody during the past 10 years and cited in several lawsuits.In 2015, Davidson County, Tennessee, agreed to pay a $150,000 settlement in the case of a man who, while being held on a public intoxication charge, died after a correctional officer put one of the hoods on him, according to the Tennessean.In the case of Prude, officers applied force for several minutes to his head and back as he lay on the pavement. He lost consciousness after officers cut off his breathing.

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Massachusetts law follows the latter principle, based on past rulings by the state Supreme Court. As examples, the Globe notes the case of John C. Salvi, who in 1994 was convicted of killing two women at separate Massachusetts abortion clinics. But don’t be creeped out by her provocative book title. Lockwood’s father was a married Lutheran pastor when he converted to Catholicism (he was granted special dispensation to keep his wife and children). Lockwood’s darkly witty memoir centers on an extended visit with her eccentric family in Kansas.

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