23 showdown with Pittsburgh that promises to scare

If you have a voice, I think if you contributing to something that is going to help, something that is positive, I think you should use it. Players spearheaded the latest flurry of activity, when the Milwaukee Bucks refused to take the court following Blake’s shooting. That led to serious consideration of canceling the season altogether.

“Some people I’m sure will say this is petty change, peanuts,” said Arthur Miller, a law professor at New York University. “Some people will say this was a $2 billion case. And maybe it was. He added our dog, Phoebe. On the bottom half, he drew his dad, him again, his sister again. Everyone is smiling..

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Of course that’s not what happened. Omalu told “Frontline” the league tried to publicly discredit him through its doctors. When he submitted his findings to the journal “Neurosurgery” (a go to for the NFL’s own doctors), it was reviewed by 18 people before it was finally published.

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Look, there might be something here. While Peterson enters this season 12th in career rushing yards, he’s just 22nd in attempts, so maybe the banging and bruising hasn’t slowed him as much. He appears in otherworldly physical condition. Like that comparison, the quarterback said earlier this year. Both got strong arms. (Mahomes) obviously makes ridiculous throws off schedule and stuff like that, some I seen and tried to model my game to make throws like that.

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