1?In some ways, it was a miracle that the record ever

Collins does plan on pointing out that, in the months following the police killing of George Floyd, the winds may again be changing. A few days after Floyd’s death, NBA star Carmelo Anthony, who played at Syracuse, challenged top basketball prospects, the overwhelming majority of whom are Black, to “change history” by considering HBCUs. Last month, Makur Maker, the No.

“You get to see a lot of other defenses, but you get to see a lot of other offenses, and certainly from afar, watching everything that’s kind of taken place here over the years, the system, the guys that are here, it looked fun,”saidSmith, who led Kansas City to a win over Washington on Monday Night Football in October. “I wanted to be a part of it. That’s a lot of it.

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And some may be, but for many of us, that has nothing to do with it. Let me make this clear, and I implied this in my commentary a year ago: Political correctness generally is dopey. It gets in the way of honest and fair debate, it silences people of goodwill who fear being mislabeled, and it imposes a kind of orthodoxy of thought and speech that isn’t healthy..

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