1 percent of their league's revenue but NFL players

Would Brady, who stood by his friendship with President Trump throughout the presidential campaign with maddeningly vague answers, take a knee in solidarity with his teammates after Trump called for NFL players who protest social injustice and racial inequality by refusing to stand for the national anthem to be fired or suspended? Would he stand and lock arms with them? And, as the NFL’s leading player right now, would he actually say anything? He gave a hint Sunday, liking an Instagram photo posted by Aaron Rodgers of himself and three Packers players kneeling. On Monday morning, after standing for the anthem and linking arms with a teammate, Brady was more explicit. I am never one to say, ‘Oh, that is wrong.

As for the Patriots, they have shown some weaknesses during their 1 1 start. They had a void at wide receiver that led to the team trading Monday for Josh Gordon, the Browns’ talented wide receiver who has been unable to consistently stay on the field amid issues related to substance abuse. Perhaps Gordon’s arrival, along with the return from a four game suspension of Julian Edelman, will spark the passing game, butthat isn’t the only issue..

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